May 30, 2019

Weekly Focus: Lyle and Scott


Lyle and Scott Store FrontScottish knitwear brand Lyle and Scott have had an automated people counter in place at their Flagship Edinburgh store for approaching 1 year. 

The management team viewed the system as a big success. It had helped them record accurate measures of their visitor numbers, and from this, allowed management to monitor sales conversion rates.

They saw this as an opportunity to take their store performance data to the next level. Firstly however, they wanted to expand the system to another site to see how multiple locations could be incorporated and compared.

The second site they wanted to incorporate was their newly opening outlet in Braintree, Essex.

Prior to the go ahead however, they admitted they had done some other research into other solutions on the market. They were also keen to stress following this research, that they were keen to stay and expand their system with Axiomatic due to the quality of our product and service, but primarily because of the strength of our relationship. The management team at Lyle and Scott recognised the benefits of expanding their system with a single supplier with which they had such strong relations.

The technology that Axiomatic recommend to be used at the new Braintree store was the same as was already in place at their Edinburgh site – the Irisys Thermal People Counter. There was to be a single device mounted on the ceiling just inside the main entrance way, to track customers underneath as they entered and exited the store.

The turnaround time on the expansion project had to be fast, as the new store was scheduled to open in a matter of weeks. Axiomatic’s installations department coordinated with those on site in Braintree for relevant schematics, site plans and cabling locations. The following week an Axiomatic engineer visited the site to physically install the counter. The planning and coordination between Axiomatic and Lyle and Scott ensured the project ran smoothly, within budget, and on time.

As always with new installations of an Axiomatic solution, Lyle and Scott receive a year of system support and maintenance free of charge.