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We supply systems for footfall tracking, visitor counting, occupancy and space management for some of the UK’s largest retailers, councils, universities, corporate and government offices, theme parks and stadiums.

Thousands of organisations are using Axiomatic people counting technology right now. Our list of clients extends worldwide and includes organisations at every scale.

At Axiomatic we work tirelessly to focus our expertise on finding solutions for our customers, big or small. Take a look at our About page to read more about our ethos and commitments to you.

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Wembley National Stadium

This is an invaluable and unique system which has enabled decisions about crowd management to be based on real-time factual information rather than observation and theory. Some of the events we are staging this year would be extremely difficult to manage without this technology.  Click here to read the Wembley Stadium case study

Nick Woodhouse
Head of Wembley Stadium Health & Safety Compliance
Sterling Furniture

When Sterling Furniture decided to invest in a people counting system we looked at many organisations thoroughly to make an informed decision. We chose Axiomatic Technology as they offered to provide us a solution which would meet OUR requirements as opposed to our organisation having to accept what was offered, in addition to offering very competitive rates.

We have developed with them solutions for store managers to easily recognise opportunities regarding their sales conversion rates, staffing levels and average transaction values.  At a Head Office level we have produced executive reports allowing us to analyse sales, footfall, conversion rates, average transaction values with like for like comparisons to whatever time period we choose.

I am glad to say this has been invaluable in identifying our business opportunities and helping move our business forward.

Mark Gibson
Head of Customer Experience, Sterling Furniture Ltd.

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Leisure & Visitor Attractions

Public Sector and Education

  • Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
  • Birmingham City Council
  • Bucks New University
  • Cardiff Council Libraries
  • Carmarthen Town Council
  • Cardiff Chapter Arts
  • Crooked Spire, Chesterfield
  • Cumbria County Council Library Service
  • Derbyshire City Council
  • Derbyshire County Council
  • Dudley Borough Council
  • Highland Libraries
  • Lancaster City Council
  • Leicester County Council
  • London Borough of Merton
  • London Borough of Redbridge
  • Manchester Arts Centre (MAC)
  • Middlesbrough Council
  • Newham Council
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • Plymouth City Council
  • Queen's University, Belfast
  • RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
  • Sheffield City Council
  • South Ribble Borough Council
  • Staffordshire County Council
  • Stoke City Council
  • Tamworth Council
  • Tameside Markets
  • Trafford Council
  • University of Derby
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Reading
  • University of Wales, Aberystwyth
  • University of the West of England
  • University of the West of Scotland
  • Wakefield District Council
  • Walsall Borough Council
  • Wiltshire County Council
  • UTS (University of Technology, Sydney)
  • York City Council

Some of Our References

Beaumont Shopping Centre

The Beaumont shopping centre is a mixture of indoor and outdoor malls with rather awkward counting locations due to this, their varying widths and lighting levels.

Axiomatic were very thorough in their surveying of the centre at the beginning of the process and were aware that one type of counting equipment wouldn’t necessarily fit all entrances and exits. A programme of trial products and locations was undertaken to find the most accurate spots to count with the installation running very smoothly a short while later. Staff were very professional and gave comprehensive training on the use of the software so that the system can be used to its full potential. We now have very accurate data which is easy to access and produce in a clear format to distribute as necessary. The support service is at a very reasonable cost and remote access ensures the system is easily maintained and monitored. Following rigorous tests of different equipment to ensure that the right solution was installed to meet the varying requirements of our entrances, Axiomatic have provided us with a system that not only gives us total footfall, but which highlights our busiest times and areas of the scheme. A useful tool to measure and quantify any marketing spend and events programmes. We are confident that Axiomatic remain at the forefront of people counting and can offer us the support, training and system upgrades to meet our needs.

Sarah Duffin
Dip SCM, Centre Manager, Beaumont Shopping Centre
Blacks Leisure

“We looked at a range of different solutions and companies for people counting and chose Axiomatic and their range of Irisys Thermal imaging counters – largely on the basis of competitive pricing and flexibility of service options. We have to date installed counters in around 90 sites – and have found Axiomatic very good partners to work with – rolling out large numbers in a relatively short space of time the entire length and breadth of the country. The support from Axiomatic has been of the highest order – with someone always available to talk through any individual store issues that might arise – as well as the initial configuration and set-up of the counters in-store. The data from the counters has very quickly become a key measure within the business for driving increased sales and conversion of footfall into customers. The continued support of Axiomatic has enabled us to plan yet more counters into stores – so helping drive the business even more effectively – with better targeting of staffing levels at key times, giving better customer service and conversion within stores – all of which driving increased sales.I have no hesitation in recommending Axiomatic as a business partner for people counting.”

Blacks have now been taken over by JD Sports who have retained Axiomatic’s systems.

Richard Hitt
Customer Insight Director - Blacks Leisure Group plc
Brighton Dome

“Axiomatic’s people counting technology has been a welcome and invaluable addition to our Management Information Systems. We are now able to accurately report on venue footfall across our ticketed and non-ticketed events and spaces allowing us to build a more robust programming model based on a solid understanding of the organisation’s popularity and reach. The installation process was easy, fast and effective and I would happily recommend Axiomatic’s products and services to any organisation looking to delve into the world of people counting solutions.”

Tim Metcalf
Head of MIS - Brighton Dome
Crooked Spire, Chesterfield

“We looked at the idea of footfall counters in order to give us an accurate number of visitors. We felt that this would be useful – especially when applying for grants for instance. I had looked on line at what different companies offered as well as their geographical location to us.

Our working group looked at the counters your company had to offer and felt that our need would be fulfilled by one or more of the counters you fitted so we decided to contact you for further information. We were impressed with what you offered, your flexibility to suit our needs and the patience you showed as the wheels of church committees ground ever so slowly!

The work done was done very quickly and professionally to give us a product that we are very pleased with!”

Chris Hutchinson, Crooked Spire, Chesterfield

Crooked Spire, Chesterfield
Derbyshire City Council

“We have these Q-Scan Twincomm counters in our 2 new libraries; we have had no problems with them so are very happy.”

Dawn Gebski
Derby City Council Libraries
Derbyshire County Council

“We cannot afford to engage staff in manually counting people through doors, neither continuously nor on a sample basis, and our Unicomm devices has paid for themselves in terms of staff time that can now be directed towards more productive customer service functions.

By examining footfall patterns in relation to loans, computer usage and other indicators of business levels, we can keep our opening hours and staffing levels under review to ensure that tight budgets are used to maximum effect.
The modest investment in staff time at the centre of the organisation is worthwhile in terms of monitoring and processing the data, report production and also liaising with local staff across the county. We have found these devices easy to set up and install. They are inconspicuous and have not presented us with any problems in terms of vandalism or accidental damage.”

Roger Jones
Management Information Officer at Derbyshire County Council
East Midlands Airport

“East Midlands Airport is currently using Axiomatic Brickstream 2200 cameras to count passengers at three key points in the departing passenger’s journey; entering the check in hall, entry to security and exit of security..
As well as providing us with a full understanding of passenger flows, capacities and peak numbers, the cameras are also providing a constant live feed into our forecasting tool. This allows us to monitor any changes in passenger flows, enabling us to more accurately predict the demand on security and consequently roster security channel hours more effectively. Previously, this was only possible through the use of surveys capturing only a small proportion of our passengers. Following on from this initial project, we are now looking to install cameras throughout the arriving passenger journey to help us better understand the flows and improve the overall customer experience.”

Click to read the case study

Clare Melhuish
Airport Planning and Research Analyst - East Midlands Airport
Fairway Furniture

“In today’s world, information is power and key to making the right business decisions. Any sales driven organisation can only improve profits in 4 ways: cut costs, improve margins, improve conversion rates and add value to sales (by selling up). Without knowing how many people enter the store, you cannot improve conversion rates and an electronic method is the most accurate and reliable way (unlike staff, they don’t take tea breaks!).”

Stephen Cumbers
Financial Director, Fairway Furniture
Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)

“We have worked with Axiomatic for a number of years and have always found them to be extremely professional in all our dealings. From our original conversation they offered clear, sound advice as well as offering a range of products to suit our requirements. With their help we have been able to accurately monitor the number of visitors coming to the ICA which is an important KPI for the organisation.”

Andrew Stewart
General Manager, Institute of Contemporary Arts
JD Sports Fashion

“Axiomatic provide an extremely reliable customer counting service throughout our Outdoor fascia.

The information gathered through their technologies greatly assists us in analysing KPI performance and informing the business with accurate footfall and conversion data.”

Joe Guy
Site Research Analyst - JD Sports Fashion
Lancaster City Council

“We’ve found our RECAP people counters really useful in tracking visitor numbers to our two Visitor Centres in Lancaster and Morecambe. This data has helped us to plan staffing rotas, promotions, and events and has also fed into regional and national reports to produce comparisons with other districts.
Axiomatic worked with Lancaster City Council’s Tourism Service on the implementation of our People Counting systems. They have managed our account with patience and attention to detail during a long-drawn-out period of refurbishment. I have been very happy to do business with them and feel they have an excellent emphasis on customer satisfaction.”

Ros Foster
Visitor Services Officer - Economic Development and Tourism Service - Lancaster City Council
Middlesbrough Council

“As a property services team we were asked to install a people counting system across a number of council buildings to measure people flow in and out of certain buildings. The buildings we installed the counters at included libraries, leisure centres, community centres and public toilets. The council wanted to be able to monitor foot fall at the buildings through an IT system and see the peak times are. We looked at a few different manufacturers; however we decided to go with Axiomatic Technology as they provided the ideal system and met the needs of the council.
The other reason for going with Axiomatic Technology was we were very impressed with the build quality of the counters. We installed the Twincomm V2 beam counters at many of our buildings in January 2013 and have had no issues with the counters since. My electricians informed me the counters were easy to install and quite straight forward to set-up.
The backup and technical support from Axiomatic is fantastic, they couldn’t be more helpful. Any small minor issues with our IT system have been quickly rectified and repaired. Since January we have bought more standard beam counters from Axiomatic due to the service provided. If we have any more people counting projects to do in the future i would have no hesitations in contacting Axiomatic.”

Philip Hardwick
Electrical Maintenance Officer - Middlesbrough Council Property Service
Monument Mall Shopping Centre

“Following an initial telephone conversation with the sales team at Axiomatic Technology (A.T.) about what I wanted in the way of a footfall counting system, they made an initial site visit to familiarise themselves with the physical layout of the Shopping Centre. Thereafter, an equipment specification was drawn up and they visited site again to demonstrate a prototype of the system. I was really impressed with the way in which Axiomatic Technology managed the process of planning, organising and agreeing a wiring installation with the Shopping Centre’s Mechanical and Electrical Sub-Contractor, which was expertly handled by Derrick Williams of A.T. Once this process was complete, the installation and commissioning team from A.T. set about the task of bringing the footfall counting system alive! The system has now been fully operational for six months and I have been impressed with the product and service provided by the A.T. Team.

Peter Gaynor
DipSCM, Centre Manager, Monument Mall Shopping Centre, Jones Lang LaSalle Ltd
Mosaic Nightclub

“After researching solutions in relation to capacities at our venue due to pressure from local authorities to understand customer numbers and manage occupancy levels, we decided on the axiomatic thermal counter as this appeared to be the market standard device, however once we had spoken to the team at Axiomatic we soon realised the full potential of the system we were purchasing. Not only are the Local Authorities satisfied, it has also assisted us in better preparation for Staff and Security rotas, which has ultimately reduced our overall staff costs by 3-5% depending on academic term times. We therefore estimate that this system will pay for its self within a 6 month time frame.

On a side note the customer service and attention to detail from the Team at Axiomatic have been 2nd to none, and I would gladly recommend them to any company that face the same issues within our industry.”

Dominic Borg

“I set out to find a counting system for our new museum that was being built called Mshed. I looked through a number of solutions, everything was massively expensive. I then was put through to axiomatic from one of my enquiries. I spoke with their sales team who were extremely helpful. They talked me through a number of different solutions and gave me the understanding of what is required. The solution we went for was ideal for a museum.
I was expecting it to be very expensive. To my surprise Axiomatic were cheaper than other organisations that I had quotes from. They also offered a free 1 years warranty, which was invaluable, as we could make tweaks to the system after it was installed.
The technical team are amazing. They are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Installing was a breeze with no problems, due to the great planning. The system is still going strong, we have had no problems with it. Very much recommended.”

Zahid Jaffer
A/V Technician, MShed Museum, Bristol
Oliver Bonas

“On a weekly basis we want to analyse the conversion rate, comparing stores in similar categories to each other. For example we have 2 station stores which have very high footfall and we can use the data to compare their performance. We also draw comparisons between stores in shopping centres, or on local high streets. We are new to people counters, and so as a developing business we are keen to have this useful data in all stores as it can be used as a KPI. We can analyse particularly busy periods within each store and ensure we have the correct staffing levels. We can identify stores where the conversion rate is below company average, or the average for their category and focus on providing additional training for the team on customer service etc.”

Natasha Sims
Operations Manager, Oliver Bonas
Orchard Shopping Centre

“Axiomatic provided a system to monitor the footfall across the six main entrances to Orchard Shopping Centre in 2009. The system has provided us with interesting data which has identified that two of our entrances are significantly busier than the other four. The system has also helped us to identify the average dwell time of visitors to the centre, highlighting that early afternoon in consistently the busiest time.

Axiomatic have continued to provide excellent support for the system, with improvements to their reporting package by the introduction of their RECAP SQL Web reporting – allowing us to query the data across any period, or drill down to see specific details of any day.”

Keith Lowe
Centre Manager, Orchard Shopping centre, Taunton
Oswald Bailey

“We had been looking for a good value people counting solution for some time before we were introduced to Axiomatic. They were able to fulfil our order for 18 counters very quickly and were always on hand to lend support. The devices (Twincomm With Ethernet) were easy to install and have a great range of options when it comes to downloading the data. We opted to use the FTP feature which is able to output hourly people counts to an FTP site of your choice.

I am very pleased we chose Axiomatic for our people counters and would highly recommend them.”

Chris Bailey
Web and Marketing Manager, Oswald Bailey Group
Queens University

“At Accommodation & Hospitality at Queen’s University , Belfast, we wished to measure the footfall within our social space. Following a review of products and prices available on the market, we chose Axiomatic Technology and we are delighted with the product and the aftersales service. The installation was simple and the units are unobtrusive. The installation and subsequent data, on 2 entrances and one communal lounge, allow us to make informed decisions on footfall within the facility rather than manually counting usage statistics.”

Richard Robinson
Operations & Compliance Manager, Accommodation & Hospitality, Queens University, Belfast.

“We’ve recently partnered with Axiomatic to bring accurate people counting to our retail stores. After a trial in our flagship store we immediately saw the benefits of knowing exactly what our footfall was. Finally, we were able to compare our retail environment with our other channels. Being able to see retail “conversion rate” has been a real eye-opener. With a clear picture of the ebb and flow of customers we can plan staffing effectively around promotions and vice versa. We’ve now rolled the solution out to all of our stores, which has given our Store Managers a powerful new tool for improving both profitability and customer service. Axiomatic have been very quick and efficient getting us up and running and their reporting platform is truly one of the best on the market. With hindsight I don’t know how we managed without.”

Mike Church
IT Manager, Robinsons Country Leisure

“If you need to know your customer flow with great technology and amazing data capture, that is simple to use, Axiomatic Technology is where to go!”

Paul Griffin
Senior Area Manager -CSL Sofas
Steamer Trading

“Steamer Trading Cookshop was keen to install footfall counters to monitor customer footfall and conversion rates, as the absence of these metrics gave the business a very limited view of the actual and potential performance of its store portfolio. A number of providers were considered but Axiomatic gave the best flexibility, value and service mix.

Footfall and conversion data is available live at branch and Head Office level. This has allowed a structured re-scheduling programme to take place and the development of a pro-active approach at branch level to conversion opportunities.”

David Wright
Head of Brand Operations - Steamer Trading
Sterling Furniture

When Sterling Furniture decided to invest in a people counting system we looked at many organisations thoroughly to make an informed decision. We chose Axiomatic Technology as they offered to provide us a solution which would meet OUR requirements as opposed to our organisation having to accept what was offered, in addition to offering very competitive rates.

We have developed with them solutions for store managers to easily recognise opportunities regarding their sales conversion rates, staffing levels and average transaction values.  At a Head Office level we have produced executive reports allowing us to analyse sales, footfall, conversion rates, average transaction values with like for like comparisons to whatever time period we choose.

I am glad to say this has been invaluable in identifying our business opportunities and helping move our business forward.

Mark Gibson
Head of Customer Experience, Sterling Furniture Ltd.
Tameside Markets

“Tameside Markets wanted to add a “People counting” system to its flagship Market in Ashton-Under-Lyne for many different reasons. After making initial enquires with providers, we found Axiomatic to have an immediate understanding of what we wanted to achieve.

They gave us informed guidance and technical advice when deciding on a suitable package. Axiomatic liaised with both our ICT department and sub-contractor to ensure the installation process ran smoothly and efficiently. Technically, I would like to thank Derrick Williams and his colleague Tom, who have been very supportive and patient when setting up the numerous count trends that have been requested. Initially we wanted to achieve occupancy levels, peak usage etc. What we have found is that we are able to provide trend information on public toilet usage, event/demonstration attendance, areas within the Market which may need development due to low footfall etc. Axiomatic have provided a very impressive system, the usage of which constantly evolves.”

Steve Hadfield
Tameside Markets
The Wellcome Trust Gallery

Wellcome Collection is a public venue on Euston Road attracting over 400,000 visits per year. We have been using Axiomatic people counting technology since 2007 and have found great value in being able to gauge how many visits the venue receives in total, plus, where in the building visitors move, congregate and avoid throughout the day. Entry to Wellcome is free, as are all of our exhibitions and the majority of our public events so we cannot rely on ticket sales to gauge how well visited our public programmes are. Axiomatic systems allow us to track patterns of behaviour and therefore understand our visitors in more detail. When combined with other qualitative research, the data obtained enables us to evaluate the popularity of events and exhibitions and react proactively to visitor behaviour, improving visitor experience. The technical support and advice from Axiomatic has always proven prompt and expert.

Gemma Hopkins
Visitor Services Duty Manager, Wellcome Collection
The West End Centre

“The Unicomms are brilliant, just exactly what we needed. Dead easy to install too. AND we’ve had so many more visitors than we’d have guessed, which is also brilliant.”

Julie Bugdale
The West End Centre, Aldershot
Topps Tiles

Topps Tiles PLC is Britain’s largest tile specialist with over 340 stores throughout the UK. Before we approached Axiomatic, we had researched and trialled a number of different solutions in our stores but none were suitable for our needs. Following initial conversations with Axiomatic, they quickly assessed our requirements and were able to provide us with the perfect solution in the stereoscopic footfall counter. The service we received whilst rolling out the solution to our store network was efficient, friendly and always very reliable; if we experienced anything outside of the “norm” Axiomatic were on hand to help out and suggest possible solutions. We were very impressed with the installation process and by how smoothly the solution was rolled out, particularly for the size of the project. The data from the counters is now a key measure within the business and we would recommend Axiomatic to any company, large or small, who are looking for an effective footfall counter solution.

Tom Ryan
Head of Operations
TPS Group Traffic & Parking Systems Pty Ltd

I have found Martyn and his team at Axiomatic very helpful in all aspects of our relationship. This has included Marketing and Sales support for the numerous solutions Axiomatic have on offer and accompanying Technical support for these applications. I have great confidence in Axiomatic’s ability to provide on-going Sales and Customer support and satisfaction.

Dennis O'Neill
Sales Manager, TPS Group Traffic & Parking Systems Pty Ltd, Australia
Urban Environment Dudley Council

“The Sport and Physical Activity for Dudley Council manages four leisure facilities with over a million users per annum. The primary driver for implementing some form of people counting system was to improve the accuracy and consistency of data on visits. We looked at a number of approaches, including turnstiles and break beam counters, but they were either too expensive or as in the latter, less accurate. Axiomatic allowed us to trial both a thermal counter and a break beam counter prior to purchase. We were able to test the accuracy of both systems, eventually purchasing the thermal counters for three of our sites. Axiomatic were extremely helpful and worked well with our own ICT Services to identify and implement a system. I would certainly recommend Axiomatic to any organisation who wishes to have accurate and consistent throughput data.”

Matt Weetman
Performance & Information Manager Culture & Leisure Services Directorate of the Urban Environment Dudley Council
Wembley National Stadium

This is an invaluable and unique system which has enabled decisions about crowd management to be based on real-time factual information rather than observation and theory. Some of the events we are staging this year would be extremely difficult to manage without this technology.  Click here to read the Wembley Stadium case study

Nick Woodhouse
Head of Wembley Stadium Health & Safety Compliance
Willows Activity Farm

“Willows Activity Farm operates a children’s attraction welcoming 500,000 visitors a year. In late 2007 we introduced an indoor play center and needed occupancy details to aid the management of the building. With two entrance/exits and adults and very young children as users accuracy was vital for Health & Safety. The team from Axiomatic were very helpful in designing, building and installing a system that gives us everything we wanted. The operational staff can now see how many people are in the building at any time whilst the daily and weekly stats are useful in seeing the use over various periods.”

Andrew Wolfe
Chief Executive - Willows Acivity Farm