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W5 Science Museum Belfast
Weekly Focus: W5 Science Museum

The team at W5 Science Museum wanted a system that would detail historical footfall and visitor data, as well as the accurate tracking of live occupancy levels throughout their site:

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Oliver Bonas Store Front
Weekly Focus: Oliver Bonas

“On a weekly basis we want to analyse the conversion rate, comparing stores in similar categories to each other. For example we have 2 station stores which have very high footfall and we can use the data to compare their performance”

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Bravissimo Store Front
Weekly Focus: Bravissimo

The management team at Bravissimo wanted footfall data to compliment existing store performance metrics, and for it to integrate with their existing systems.

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open plan office
How do you decide on the best office layout?

For years now companies have been changing their office spaces to open plan layouts in the search for increased collaboration, communication and teamwork. In recent years however, the open plan approach has been subject to criticism:

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Weekly Focus: University of Derby

Like many universities across the UK, Derby were fearful that the amount of physical space they had was drastically under-utilised. They wanted a solution that told them which areas, and when, had the most potential for efficiency gains and cost savings.

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Weekly Focus: BBC Worldwide

The BBC has a system monitoring the live occupancy levels of 2 areas within their world famous television centre. The building as a whole, and an open terrace area on the roof of the building. 

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Weekly Focus: Lyle and Scott

Scottish knitwear brand Lyle and Scott saw the value of expanding their footfall tracking system, after having one in place for a year at their flagship Edinburgh store.

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Bristol Cathedral Logo
Weekly Focus: Bristol Cathedral

“Our footfall is much higher than we anticipated – in excess of 250-300,000 annually which is twice our previous estimates. The new data will inform our thinking about how we improve the visitor experience”

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