University SpaceAudit®

Optimise Space Utilisation and Save Energy

The availability of appropriate space is essential to support the teaching, research and community service objectives of our Universities and Colleges. After employees, a university’s estate is its second largest area of expenditure, accounting for on average 20% of its outlay. It makes sense then, given the large spend from a university’s funds, that the management of how physical space is being used would be constantly measured, reviewed and adapted.

Many universities perform room usage audits by surveying rooms over a given period of time using manual surveyors.  These kinds of surveys only represent a snapshot of the moment in time the manual survey was completed, are labour intensive to organise, and are also susceptible to human error. An automated Space Audit system allows you to:

  • Quickly and accurately identify wasted space
  • Check capacity for operational growth
  • Modify the built environment for what is actually needed and being used
  • Push the green agenda with intelligent use of HVAC
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How does it work?

Axiomatic Technology, working in close partnership with The University of Technology in Sydney, have co-developed a system which monitors the use of lecture theatres, seminar rooms, and other types of university environments.

Accurate people counting devices are mounted on the ceiling just inside the entrance to a room or space. These track people as they enter and exit the area. It then feeds back this data to our intuitive reporting suite, as definitive evidence of how a space is being used.

This data is then integrated with your timetable to compare what was suppose to happen, against what actually happened. This can highlight whether booked space is used, whether the space is fully optimised, and can identify ‘no-shows’ and serial offenders – as well as many other metrics – allowing the user to dig deeper and analyse their utilisation statistics.

  • Make the most of existing space
  • Highlight usage intensity
  • Assign rooms with appropriate capacity
  • Highlight no-shows/under-utilization
  • Monitor whether bookings are longer than necessary
  • Assist with planning for future development – justification/avoidance

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