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What is Time of Flight Technology and How Does it Work?

Time of Flight sensors work by emitting very short infrared pulses of light. By measuring the time it takes for these infrared light pulses to bounce back to the sensor, the device can produce an incredibly accurate distance map of the environment underneath. Objects and people can be tracked as they pass by – allowing the sensors to be a very accurate measure of footfall.

Time of Flight SIGMA sensor from BEA


Time of Flight people counters are the most accurate automated people counting solution available. They are unaffected by changes in light, temperature or humidity. Expected accuracy rates of these automated people counters are 99%.


Our Time of Flight people counters are suitable for any environment. Thanks to its 3 mounting options it can be placed indoors or outside, near swinging doors, or specifically mounted in different ceilings. Once the counters are in place you can easily configure them in minutes, with the use of the mobile app. A step by step guide takes you through the process – with minimal technical knowledge required!

Key Features

Staff Detection

Staff can be excluded from any count data – or counted specifically.

Children Detection

A rough idea of adult and children numbers can be obtained by recording height measurements.

Works in Darkness

The counters are unaffected by different light levels, patterned flooring, or reflective surfaces.

Dwell Time

Track the amount of time customers spend in certain areas


No personal data is gathered. Customers and staff are not personally identifiable.


Multiple counters can be linked together to cover very wide entrances.

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