Battery Powered Beam Counters

Axiomatic’s range of simple, battery powered people counters are perfect to capture basic footfall trends and visitor data. With fast and easy installation, they comprise our most cost effective footfall and visitor tracking solution.

The counters operate on the principle of a beam break system, so that when the counter detects its infrared beam has been interrupted (e.g. by a person walking through) it registers this as a count.

These wireless people counters comprise the easiest way to track your footfall data. With multiple ways of viewing your data, there are options to suit a variety of budgets. Robust and weatherproof versions mean there are flexible options for outdoor people counting.

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Micro people counter. Wireless people counting sensor. Small, low cost unit perfect for indoor people counting.

Micro people Counter

  • Completely wireless people counter
  • Simple to install, easy to relocate
  • Low cost
  • View count data on screen
  • Uni-directional counting
  • Up to 1 year battery life
  • Smallest, most discreet option
  • £239 + VAT + £3.95 p&p
Wireless people counter, with data displayed on screen of the unit itself. Suitable as an outdoor people counter

People Counter Sensor with Display

Wireless people counter with USB capability. Counts bi-directionally. Suitable for outdoor people counting.

People Counter Sensor with USB

  • Completely wireless people counter
  • Simple to install
  • Bi-directional counting
  • Up to 1 year battery life
  • USB data download for CSV export, or to be viewed in IMMotion reporting suite (see below)
  • Robust outer casing is available to protect from knocks and vandalism (add £199 + VAT to price)
  • £505 + VAT + £3.95 p&p

Now Available – Occupancy Indication

Occupancy density is now an important consideration so to help with this, the People Counter Sensor with Display and People Counter with USB are available with a new feature.  The enhanced models now display an additional figure giving you the difference between the number of people who have entered vs. the number of people who have exited, giving you an indication of your zone occupancy.  Please note that this is only suitable for single entrance zones and beam counters are subject to a greater level of error than overhead thermal and video based systems.

Video Demo

People Counter Sensor with Display and Occupancy Differential

£279 + VAT + £3.95 p&p

People Counter Sensor with Display and USB

£535 + VAT + £3.95 p&p

People counting data example. Analyse your footfall data.

Your Data, Your Way

  • Access your USB count data via the IMMotion reporting suite
  • View daily, weekly and monthly figures
  • Access raw data and export as a .CSV file
  • Quickly view your headline figures from the dashboard
  • Customise your date range
  • View numerical data in the “Easy Reports” interface
  • Customise your data interval between 15 minutes and 1 year
  • Connect data to 3rd party sytems via .CSV Export, Direct Database Access (MySQL), and API integration

If you would like any more details on any of our offerings, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Or, if you would like to see our range of specialised mains powered people counters, click here.