Video Counters

Brickstream 3D Stereoscopic Counters

Highly accurate and versatile people counting systems for sophisticated data gathering. Our stereoscopic video-based counters are mounted to the ceiling above an entrance, and count people or specific objects passing underneath.


Video counting is the most advanced type of people counting. Our systems use embedded software to make a robust and easily scaleable solution. Brickstream video people counting cameras offer the best way of ensuring accurate footfall counting where dense crowding and slow moving pedestrian traffic occurs.

Our Brickstream 3D Video counting solutions offers:

  • Collection and storage of metrics at one minute intervals.
  • Filtering of objects based on height, shape and size, i.e. shopping carts and pushchairs as desired.
  • Robust and accurate metrics across a broad set of environments including indoor/outdoor, and high traffic areas.
  • High count accuracy, typically achieving over 95% in standard locations (excluding occupancy).
  • Real-time data delivery – facilitating live occupancy management.
  • Easy, unobtrusive, overhead mounting with support for oblique views.
  • Supports scheduled streaming digital video output for remote data validation.
  • Flash memory stores configuration settings - Micro SD storage stores several days data for one year to protect against loss.
  • Adjusts automatically to environmental changes: lighting, temperature,etc.
  • Works down to low ambient light levels.
  • New Feature - Staff filtering

Staff Filtering

The latest generation of Brickstream video counters now offer the ability to filter staff members out from footfall data.  This provides much more accurate counts for managers as footfall figures are not inflated by staff movements.  This is ideal in environments where staff are likely to need to move in and out of a store, meet and greeet customers and in high end sites where footfall traffic might be low.

As conversion rates are calculated based on sales vs. footfall, it is vital that your footfall counts are as accurate as possible.  To overcome the issue of counting staff movements, Brickstream have developed their innovative Employee Filtering feature.  Staff wear or carry discreet electronic tags or cards that can easily be worn inside a pocket and the Brickstream counting device automatically identifies anyone wearing a tag as staff.  Their movements are then not included within the footfall figures so daily staff operations won’t have a negative effect on the footfall data.

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What our customers say...

“Axiomatic provide an extremely reliable customer counting service throughout our Outdoor fascia.

The information gathered through their technologies greatly assists us in analysing KPI performance and informing the business with accurate footfall and conversion data.”

Joe Guy
Site Research Analyst - JD Sports Fashion

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The type of counter used to track your footfall depends on a variety of factors. For more information on each solution, or reporting options, click the image below or contact us directly.