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Space Management

In a climate where resources are tight, many organisations are finding that space usage needs to be optimised.  As space represents one of the biggest assets of any organisation, ensuring that it works hard should be essential to any estate management strategy.

Space can be defined as entire buildings, departments, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, right down to individual workstations.  Analysis of the usage of these spaces enables management teams to identify patterns and predict future usage, rationalise space, improve utilisation and make strategic planning decisions.  

Questions that organisations may struggle to answer about their own space:

  • Are we getting the most out of the space we occupy?
  • Can we employ more staff in the same building or use fewer buildings for the same number of staff?
  • Which spaces are under-utilised?
  • Has the introduction of hot desking and Hotelling improved efficiency?
  • How much vacant space do we have and where is it?
  • Are we legal in terms of occupancy numbers?
  • What was the peak number of desks used, when was this?
  • Can we close entire floors during times of low usage to save costs?

With the Government’s Sustainable Growth Agenda taking high priority, and targets for carbon reduction becoming ever more pressing, organisations are under pressure to provide facilities that are both state of the art and sustainable.

Automated Space Management

Our systems employ a number of  counter technologies integrated with our reporting and analytics to enable you to gather accurate space-usage data on whole buildings, meeting rooms, workstations and other building spaces.

Energy Use

With energy costs rising ways need to be found to reduce wastage and expenditure in order to be part of a low carbon economy.  Making the most efficient use of the space available at an institution is an essential step in reducing energy use and therefore its carbon footprint. Traditionally space usage has been measured by performing manual head counts at given times and extrapolating the data to give an estimate.  However, not only is this method time consuming and labour intensive, it is wildly inaccurate and only provides a very brief snapshot of the overall picture.

OTOVAC (Occupancy and Timetable Optimised Ventilation & Aircon Control) System

We are developing a system which will give greater control of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Aircon) systems to make sure that energy is not wasted when rooms remain empty.  Using data from our counters, integrated with the timetable data we can help control HVAC link to BMS (Building Management Systems) to reduce energy consumption without compromising comfort.  Our space management technology can help you calculate Per Capita Building Energy Consumption Occupied Space (PCEOS) as a more accurate energy use measurement.  

To discuss your requirements and how we can help you, call the team on 0115 8757508 or email us.

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University Space Management

Office Space Management

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