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University Space Management

Using People Counting Technology to Optimise Space Usage and Save Energy

SUniversity Space Managementpace is one of the major assets of higher education organisations, and on average represents around 20% of the operational expenditure of an institution. While this represents a major cost, the availability of appropriate space is essential to support the teaching, research and community service objectives of our Universities and Colleges. 

Asset Management

Effective space management is therefore an essential part of the asset management strategy of any institution. Many universities perform room usage audits by surveying rooms over a given period of time using manual surveyors.  These kinds of surveys are labour intensive to organise, conduct and report upon as well as being susceptible to good old fashioned human error.

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Automated Space Management

Our system aims to help move Higher Education away from 'at a glance' usage studies, and give you on-going and accurate information to make more effective and efficient use of all available space. This means that decisions to build new teaching spaces can be based on accurate data rather than a brief snapshot or general hunches.  Axiomatic Technology, working in close partnership with UTS (The University of Technology in Sydney) have co-developed a system which monitors the use of Lecture Theatres and Seminar rooms.

Data showing the number of students in each space at specific times is integrated with timetables to show whether booked space is used and whether the space is fully optimised. This can highlight 'no-shows' and serial offenders and help to re-allocate resources based on actual use rather than expected need.

  • Make the most of existing space
  • Highlight usage intensity
  • Assign rooms with appropriate capacity
  • Highlight no-shows/under-utilization
  • Monitor whether bookings are longer than necessary
  • Assist with planning for future development – justification/avoidance

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Axiomatic Technology is a member of the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges, a not-for-profit organisation which aims to support sustainability for the UK educational sector.

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