Solutions for Universities

A modern university does more than provide education, they are venues for entertainment, food, socialising and keeping fit. Maximising the use of these spaces can help a university steer towards their overall objectives, and improve the student experience.


Space Audit®

In cooperation with the University of Technology in Sydney, Axiomatic have developed a sophisticated and accurate system to monitor and inform on how a university is using its academic space (seminar rooms and lecture theaters). We use data gathered by our thermal people counters to track space use, then compare this with university timetable data to give details on a variety of metrics including Frequency, Occupancy and Utilisation. The system has the flexibility to incorporate OTOVAC®, Axiomatic’s intelligent HVAC control system, to reduce energy consumption without compromising comfort.




University Libraries 

Having a people counting system in place to monitor the use of university libraries can be of benefit to staff and students alike. Students can tell which floors or areas are busiest, at what time of day. Staff can look at valuable data to help understand how a library is used. Which areas are most and least popular? Is there a big difference between library visitors and the number of books checked out? This kind of information can be used to help plan for the future, allowing decision makers to adapt to the overall university strategy.





Student’s Union bars

Monitoring the footfall and live occupancy levels of Student’s Union bars or nightclubs provides valuable information on the use of these venues. Performance data can be used to advise managers on effective staff levels, and to manage maximum occupancy thresholds during showings of live sport or other large events.






On Campus Cafes and Restaurants 

Footfall data from on campus cafes or restaurants can go a long way to advising catering services of potential demand. It allows managers to view the most busy times of the day and days of the week. It can also allow senior university employees to quickly assess the performance of the different facilities on campus – helping make important decisions relating to budget and resource allocation.






On Campus Shops

People counting technology is a practical way of getting clear insights into your store’s performance. The data captured can help managers plan effective staff and stock levels, depending on busy periods. They can also enable you to evaluate how well marketing campaigns worked, compare performance across multiple sites and make best use of low footfall periods (to schedule maintenance for example).





University Gyms and Sports Facilities 

Monitor the use of gyms, as well as bookable facilities such as sports halls or indoor squash or tennis courts. How many people are using the gym compared to how many people have memberships? Insights such as these can help to drive student/customer engagement and plan for the future. A live feed of current occupancy levels could be displayed so students can see busy times and plan accordingly.





The type of counter used to track your footfall depends on a variety of factors. Click on the image below to learn more about each option, or contact us directly to find out more.