Solutions for Retailers

On a weekly basis we want to analyse the conversion rate, comparing stores in similar categories to each other. For example we have 2 station stores which have very high footfall and we can use the data to compare their performance. We also draw comparisons between stores in shopping centres, or on local high streets. We are new to people counters, and so as a developing business we are keen to have this useful data in all stores as it can be used as a KPI.

We can analyse particularly busy periods within each store and ensure we have the correct staffing levels. We can identify stores where the conversion rate is below company average, or the average for their category and focus on providing additional training for the team on customer service etc.

Natasha Sims, Operations Manager, Oliver Bonas 

Retail Customer Footfall Counting

People counting technology has transformed the way business decisions are made. It’s a practical way to get a clear picture of occupancy, pedestrian flows and retail traffic. Most importantly it can help you improve the performance of your stores by increasing your retail conversion rates.

Retailers are always looking for ways to maximise performance and sales figures alone are not enough to gauge success and inform strategic decisions. Spending time and money on marketing and advertising can bHarveys and Bensons for Beds Case Studye frustrating when you only have limited metrics to help you understand your return on investment.


Axiomatic work with many national retailers who have all seen the benefits of measuring their footfall. Click here to read about Harveys and Bensons for Beds who have chosen Axiomatic to deliver their footfall counting system.

Our people counting solutions help you answer a number of questions:

• How many customers am I getting?

• How well did the promotion really work? Did our advertising increase footfall and sales conversion rates?

• How can we plan for peaks and troughs in footfall, occupancy, pedestrian flows or retail traffic?

• How can we schedule staff to improve and maximise customer service?

• How can we accurately compare performance across multiple locations?

They enable you to:

• Evaluate and adapt marketing activities according to retail traffic

• Improve customer service and reduce staff costs by matching staff levels to your busy and quiet periods

• Make best use of low occupancy periods, e.g. for maintenance activities

• Receive live people traffic and occupancy counts to manage site capacity levels

• Assess your sales conversion rate and see how new product lines or services affect footfall

• Look for patterns in your footfall based on region, time of year etc

• Identify high performing stores and pinpoint the reasons for their success.

The type of counter used to track your footfall depends on a variety of factors. Click on the image below to learn more about each option, or contact us directly to find out more.