Rental Systems

If you don’t have the budget to buy an overhead counter, or only need one for a short period of time, it makes sense to take advantage of our flexible rental rates.


Perfect for Temporary Use 

Our most reliable and accurate counters are perfect for short term events like exhibitions or shows. All you need to ensure is that counters have access to a power supply, broadband connection, and a suitable overhead mounting location.



Easy Installation

One of our qualified installation technicians can come and install the counter for you. Or, if you prefer, you can install it yourself! We provide step-by-step instructions, and full installation support, talking you through the whole process. Either way, we then remotely calibrate the counter so you’re up and running.



Easy Access to Your Data

If you don’t want to host the system on your own server, we are happy to assist and host the system for you. You can easily access your own data via our reporting dashboard which provides daily, weekly and monthly figures – which update every 30 minutes.  You can then export the reports to Excel, so you have a record of your event footfall.

For all inquiries, please contact, or call us on 0115 875 7508.