PeopleCounted® Reporting

Axiomatic Footfall Reporting

Axiomatic offer a flexible range of software reporting options to meet your needs. Our basic beam counters offer footfall displays on the units themselves, with the option for data transfer via SD card to your laptop or desktop.

Our PeopleCounted® reporting solution, which is available with the networked Twincomm, Irisys Gazelle Thermal, Vector 4D and Brickstream Video counters, offers automated footfall reporting into your own business management system, automatic generation of daily, weekly and monthly footfall reports, accessed through user-friendly PeopleCounted Core® dashboard.

Using our overhead thermal and video counters, Axiomatic can also provide live occupancy reporting.

Our SpaceAudit® reporting software gives organisations such as Universities and offices valuable information about their space and building usage.

With PeopleCounted® Core you can find out:

  • Your true sales conversion rates
  • The exact impact of your marketing activities
  • Peak times when extra staff are needed
  • Best times to undertake maintenance work
  • The flow of people through your building
  • Ratios of staff to retail traffic
  • How different sites are performing and make comparisons
  • Assess daily, weekly and monthly trends in your visitor numbers

Our reporting is available with different levels of reporting and data integration to show your visitor count in a variety of ways.

PeopleCounted® Data

The software produces CSV Log Files where you receive raw footfall data on a daily basis ready to export visitor counts into Excel, or into your own software or business management system for analysis.

PeopleCounted® Core Reporting

The easy to use interface enables you to quickly view your daily, weekly and monthly footfall figures for all your sites or zones through a user-friendly dashboard. You can create and save your regular queries for your convenience and the reports can then be easily exported to Excel.

Live Reporting

See footfall counts and occupancy levels in a live footfall report window. Manage live events by setting vistor occupancy thresholds and maximum occupancy alarms. Our Live Counting and reports can be shown on any networked PC.

SpaceAudit® Software

This new version of our software offers integration with room booking and timetable software to optimise utilisation of workspaces, lecture theatres and teaching rooms.

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The type of counter used to track your footfall depends on a variety of factors. For more information on each solution click the image below, or contact us directly.