Passenger Counting

Axiomatic offer the latest industry leading automated people counting equipment to accurately and consistently measure passenger and visitor footfall in transport hubs.

Data from automatic passenger counting systems can help you assess the impact of changes and improvements to your station or terminal, or indicate where improvements to passenger movement are necessary. Customer metrics, such a visitor numbers and footfall, allow operators to inform retailers and service providers of proven increases in passenger numbers.

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Sensor tracking passenger flowPassenger Flow Analysis


Footfall Data from automated people counting hardware and software can help you identify the effects of changes and improvements to your passenger hub, or highlight where improvements to passenger flow are necessary.



Axiomatic provide people counting solutions to:

Bus stations (including Huddersfield Bus Station, and all South Yorkshire Transport Executive Stations)

Retailers located within transport hubs

Airports (including East Midlands Airport, Belfast City Airport, Gatwick Airport)

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East Midlands Airport is currently using Axiomatic Brickstream 2200 cameras to count passengers at three key points in the departing passenger’s journey; entering the check in hall, entry to security and exit of security.
As well as providing us with a full understanding of passenger flows, capacities and peak numbers, the cameras are also providing a constant live feed into our forecasting tool. This allows us to monitor any changes in passenger flows, enabling us to more accurately predict the demand on security and consequently roster security channel hours more effectively. Previously, this was only possible through the use of surveys capturing only a small proportion of our passengers. Following on from this initial project, we are now looking to install cameras throughout the arriving passenger journey to help us better understand the flows and improve the overall customer experience.  Clare Melhuish – Airport Planning and Research Analyst – East Midlands Airport

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