What is OTOVAC®?


Jointly developed by Axiomatic and The University of Technology in Sydney, OTOVAC® gives greater control of HVAC systems to make sure that energy is not wasted when rooms remain empty. The system reduces energy consumption without compromising on comfort. An intuitive reporting suite allows users to track their savings as well as their energy use within these spaces.



How does it work?

Using data from our people counters, integrated with timetable/schedule data we can help control HVAC via a link to your Building Management System using BACnet or a REST API.

If the system detects a room is booked to be used, it can trigger the climate control to turn on before people arrive, so that the room is a comfortable temperature upon arrival. If for some reason people do not turn up, or leave the session early, our people counters will detect this and pass on the message for the climate control to be turned off – saving energy.

  • Are we spending too much on HVAC?
  • Can we save energy but still deliver the same comfort level?
  • Are we heating or air-conditioning a lot of empty rooms?
  • Which spaces are under-utilised?
  • Can we close entire floors during times of low usage to save costs?


Reducing Energy Consumption

With the Government’s Sustainable Growth Agenda taking high priority, and targets for carbon reduction becoming ever more pressing, organisations are under pressure to provide facilities that are both state of the art and sustainable.

Making the most efficient use of the space available at an institution is an essential step in reducing energy use and therefore its carbon footprint. A key approach is to control the HVAC so that you don’t waste energy heating or air-conditioning empty rooms.

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