Occupancy Counting and Social Distancing

The occupancy of any location where people gather, whether it be an event, visitor location, supermarket, office space or leisure facility is a key piece of information you need to make sure you comply with health and safety guidelines, efficient space utilisation and staffing levels.

This has never been more important than now with the Covid-19 pandemic changing the way in which we need to go about our daily lives to maintain social distancing to reduce infection rates. 

Organisations need reliable methods to determine how many people are within the zones on their sites in order to manage entry rates during this time and as the country begins a phased return to activity. 


Footfall ReportingMonitoring occupancy and footfall has wider ranging long term benefits.

  • Monitor how many people are in various zones within a site and the site as a whole
  • Adhere to social distancing guidelines by controlling entry rates
  • Receive Live occupancy updates via a display screen using Windows RealTime
  • Set maximum occupancy levels and receive audio, visual, email and text warnings when these capacity limits are approaching or reached
  • Use multiple counters to view how many people enter different zones in a single site
  • Schedule maintenance activities when customer numbers are typically low
  • Manage buildings better
  • Advise site managers on effective staffing levels at times of varying occupancy – improve customer service and reduce staff costs.

Axiomatic have a range of solutions to allow you to monitor and control your footfall and occupancy.  from simple stand alone beam counters solutions which give you an occupancy indication to highly accurate overhead systems which can be networked or out of the box. 

Stand alone beam systems

  • Accuracy Level – Low, designed to indicate occupancy
  • Cost effective
  • Easy setup
  • Battery powered


Stand alone overhead systems

  • Uses Time of Flight technology
  • No networking required, high accuracy
  • Out of the box set up
  • Tablet display with messaging

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Networked Systems

  • High accuracy using overhead thermal or video technology
  • Historical reporting
  • Live occupancy report
  • Space Management and Utilisation Capability
  • Integration with other metrics, e.g. sales