Workplace Management

Workplace Management– People counters can be deployed to assist with workspace management by showing peaks and troughs in office occupancy throughout each day, week and month to show the percentage use of an office space, against its designated capacity. Most office space management analysis is either taken from anecdotal evidence, where each department may have a vested interest in protecting their space and reporting over-use, or on manual count which are both labour intensive and give only a snapshot of the actual level of use. As the cost of running a single office workstation is estimated at £7,000 per annum, many organisations look to consolidate space. People counters offer an objective, consistent and clear overview across time to provide solid data to efficiently manage desk space and inform business decisions with regards to consolidation or expansion of premises.

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Workforce Management– scheduling staff hours to maximise efficient use of office space, especially where hot-desking and flexible workspaces and break-out areas are in use. Alternatively this phrase can relate to scheduling staff to maximise sales conversion in a retail arena.