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Axiomatic Desk Management

Axiomatic’s Desk Sensor is designed to assist organisations analyse how individual workspaces are being used and uncover potential inefficiencies and cost-saving opportunities. Using Passive Infrared (PIR) technology, each wireless desk sensor unit is placed under a desk and sends the utilisation data of a workspace to a data-collection system. This data is then processed in Axiomatic’s RECAP intelligence database and presented as CSV reports which can be polled to your own management system, which is then used to help answer vital workspace utilisation questions such as:

  • Was the workspace actually used?
  • How long was it used?
  • What is the maximum number of workspaces in use at any given time?
  • What is the average number of desks being used daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

This type of insight into actual space utilisation can lead to potential opportunities to reduce or eliminate underutilised workspace, repurpose space to better align with changing work styles, and measure the performance of telework programs – all leading to substantial real estate savings and a strong ROI.

Key Features

  • Passively captures desk occupancy data and metrics
  • PIR sensor and transmitter are contained in a single unit
  • Uses wireless communications (not Wi-Fi, so no network security issues)
  • The desk sensors have an integral battery with an anticipated life of 2 years
  • The desk sensor communicates space occupancy to the data-collector every few minutes
  • Easy mounting and flexibility
  • Provides actionable data to address real estate and other operational inefficiencies
  • Available as standard using 315MHz licence-free frequency band
  • Available to special order using 433MHz licence-free frequency band

Practical Innovation Leading to Powerful Insight

The Axiomatic Desk Sensor is a compact motion detector which features a white light filter, and exceptionally effective RFI immunity, all working together to virtually eliminate false activation.

The desk sensors do not contain cameras — they simply capture movement. They are integrated and designed to capture utilisation data for almost any function and location in today’s offices — from workstations and meeting rooms to collaborative work areas.

Up to 50 desk sensors can be connected to a single receiver that is connected to the local network, with a maximum distance of 30-40 metres between each sensor and receiver. The data throughput signal is unaffected by wood, plaster, or people but signal quality will be affected by brick, solid metal, or concrete.

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