April 7, 2020

Covid19 – Why Monitoring Your Occupancy Levels Has Never Been More Important

With the current Covid-19 crisis gripping the UK and the need for social distancing, more attention than ever is being paid to measuring the occupancy of essential retail sites such as supermarkets, who need to be able to control the number of people allowed to enter.  Currently this is being done manually and it is pure guesswork to estimate how many people are within a zone.

Supermarkets in Switzerland are employing people counting technology to automatically and accurately gauge how many customers are within the store so staff can easily control the rate of entry of those waiting outside.

Counting occupancy for health and safety reasons is not new and Axiomatic have been providing solutions for real time occupancy reporting for venues such as Wembley Stadium, leisure complexes, nightclubs, play centres and more.  There are other far reaching benefits to monitoring occupancy beyond the current crisis such as measuring the numbers of people within office buildings to enable cost saving as well as from a safety point of view.

We can provide live occupancy counting using our overhead thermal and video based people counters and our PeopleCounter software.  This provides a live occupancy count which is constantly updating with the number of people within you zone, with options for alerts when occupancy limits are getting close.

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