June 6, 2019

Weekly Focus: Wren Kitchens

Wren Kitchens Showroom

Founded in 2009, British kitchen provider Wren have over 70 showrooms across the UK. Wren carry out the design, manufacture and supply all their kitchens themselves.

In 2016 the management team at Wren Kitchens got in touch with Axiomatic. They said that they currently had a footfall monitoring system in place, but that they were unhappy with various elements of it. Wren explained they were unhappy with the accuracy and reliability of the hardware that was in place, and were also dissatisfied with the customer support (or lack of) they were receiving. Furthermore they had little way to combat these reliability issues, as the counters had limited video capability. This meant that to try and solve any issues, they had to get staff to physically walk underneath the counter while another staff member watched – and then compare that to what the counter recorded. As you can imagine this was very labour intensive and wasn’t an ideal solution. Things got a bit tricky, quickly.

After initial conversations 2 members of our sales team travelled to Wren’s head office in Lincolnshire for a meeting. They outlined what could and could not be possible, and gave the team at Wren a much clearer idea of what we could bring to the table.

From this, Wren opted for a short term trial of an Irisys Thermal People Counter at one of their stores. They were immediately impressed with the upgrade in accuracy and reliability the new hardware provided them with. They expressed their desire to gradually replace their old counters with our new ones. This would be done over the next few years naturally, as stores were refurbished and refitted.

All the new counters were to be installed by Axiomatic’s qualified engineers. They would all turn out to be smooth operations as most of the cabling and infrastructure required was already in place (from the previous system). This allowed Wren to minimise costs and any disruptions caused.

All the footfall data is fed back to a server at Wren’s head office, where it is imported into their own management systems to be used alongside other data metrics on store performance.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Wren in the future.