August 8, 2019

Weekly Focus: W5 Science Museum

The W5 science museum is an award winning science and discovery centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The site contains over 25 exhibits in 4 different exhibition areas. 

W5 Science Museum Belfast

The team at W5 Science Museum got in touch with Axiomatic requiring a system to monitor the live occupancy of their site. Following this initial inquiry, we conducted a series of introductory phone calls, to help Axiomatic understand the objectives of W5 and key specifications of the project. It transpired that W5 initially wanted information on the use of 2 zones – the site as a whole, and their Discovery Zone. The system would need to provide live occupancy figures, as well as historical footfall data on visitor numbers, and email alerts when occupancy reached certain levels.

To assess the sites to be monitored, device locations, and infrastructure requirements, Axiomatic dispatched an installations technician to W5 to conduct a site survey.

After analysing the feedback from this survey, Axiomatic recommended the use of the Irisys Gazelle Thermal Counter connected to a central server on the client’s network. At the time, these counters were the most accurate devices available. It was also concluded that due to the large numbers of people passing through and the varying light levels at the location, thermal counters would be best equipped to maintain their peak performance under variable conditions.

Each counter would be connected to W5’s server via PoE. This meant minimal wiring was required as each device was powered and connected to the network using the same cable.

The management team at W5 have 2 ways of accessing their data:

Firstly, to view their historical footfall and visitor data, they have the use of Axiomatic’s PeopleCounter software, which is installed on their server. This colates the footfall data from each counter and presents it as daily, weekly and monthly reports which are accessed through Axiomatic’s dashboard. Secondly, W5 employees can view their live occupancy figures through a seperate window within our reporting suite, also accessible via the server. When certain occupancy thresholds are reached, email alerts are sent through to the relevant members of the team so they can act.