October 31, 2019

Weekly Focus: Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Visitor Experience Centre

Triumph are the largest UK motorcycle manufacturer, employing over 2000 people. The modern company we recognise today was formed in 1983, but it has been producing motorbikes since 1902 under the name Triumph Engineering. 

Triumph got in contact wishing for a way to track visitor numbers into their new visitor centre, that was scheduled to open in February 2018.

They valued the data as an important way to measure financial performance, keeping a track of spend per head in café and retail spaces in the site. In addition, they needed data to accurately forecast production, stock and staffing levels in accordance with historic data from year 2 onwards.

Firstly, Axiomatic’s technical specialists reviewed photos and plans of the site to get an idea of the kind of options that would be suitable. A member of our team paid the site a visit to do a survey due to the unique nature of the entrance area.

In the foyer, just inside the entrance, 2 motorcycles are hanging from the ceiling. These presented an issue, as under normal circumstances, they would be directly in the way of where people counting devices would be positioned. These obstacles had to be overcome with unconventional, yet precise, positioning of the automated people counter.

With regards to the people counting device itself, we recommend the use of the Irisys Thermal People Counter. Alternatives, such as video based technology may have been impacted by the sunlight glaring in through the glass front of the building, while a simple beam-break system would not have met the required accuracy levels Triumph wanted.

The physical installation was carried out my Axiomatic’s own trained engineers.

Triumph access their data via a web browser with their own unique log in credentials. The software which presents their data is Axiomatic’s own PeopleCounted® Core software.

Triumph have been impressed by the insight the system has been able to give them. They value it so much that they expanded their system to to cover their gift shop as an additional zone. This gave them an extra layer and a different dimension to their performance data.

We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Triumph.