February 28, 2019

Weekly Focus: Topps Tiles

Topps Tiles PLC is Britains Largest tile specialist, with over 350 stores throughout the UK

Having recognised the benefits of monitoring customer numbers against sales and marketing data Topps had spent time researching and trialling a number of different solutions from various suppliers in many of their stores.

Following initial conversations Axiomatic assessed the requirements of Topps, and were able to recommend a solution combining accuracy, ease of gathering data, and on-going support.

The solution we recommended consisted of the Brickstream 3D stereoscopic video counter.  The 3D offered highly accurate performance and the ability to bring data from all sites back to a central location. The counters were to be mounted on brackets above the entrance to each store, and connected to a central server situated at head office – with Axiomatic providing automated raw footfall data for Topps to use within their own systems.

After a successful trial period at the store based at Topps’ head office, they decided to roll out the system across their entire estate. The large scale project was  managed and delivered by Axiomatic, and completed on schedule in line with Topps’ deadlines.

You can read here what Topps had to say about the project.

Axiomatic continue to work successfully with Topps Tiles, installing counters at all new stores while Topps continue to benefit from intelligence on their customers numbers, visitor trends, conversion rates and regional variations. Being equipped with this invaluable information about their business has enabled them to make strategic decisions based on concrete data rather than estimates or guesswork.