July 26, 2019

Weekly Focus: Ted Baker

Ted Baker experimented with a basic footfall solution, but within weeks decided something more advanced was needed.

In Summer 2018, as part of a Tender they released, British luxury clothing retailer Ted Baker sought to implement the use of automated people counters to monitor the footfall of their stores.

Ted Baker store front

The store fitting firm who won the Tender reached out to Axiomatic to fulfil the requirements for automated footfall monitoring solutions. Their initial brief for what they wanted was simple: it had to be cost effective, simple to install and operate, and must be connected to the stores network via cabling.

To best match this brief, the solution Axiomatic initially offered was the Twincomm ethernet beam counter. These counters are among the most basic in our offerings and so would present the most cost effective and suitable solution.

The device was installed to cover the entrance to Ted Baker’s store in Bicester. After leaving the device in place for a few weeks, Ted Baker came to the conclusion that this kind of solution was not presenting them with the data metrics, accuracy, or functionality they desired.

Back to the drawing board

Axiomatic took on board these developments to consider our next steps. It was decided that upgrading Ted Baker’s system to use an overhead Irisys thermal counter would be the way forward. While more expensive than beam counters, the performance and features of these devices would eliminate the concerns Ted Baker had expressed with their previous system. Ted Baker opted to try a thermal counter at their Bicester site.

Within 2 weeks of installing the thermal device at Bicester, the team at Ted Baker expressed how pleased they were with the performance of their new device. It was connected to their network via POE (Power Over Ethernet), and gave them counting accuracy levels of around 95%.


This exceptional performance gave the team at Ted Baker the confidence they needed to give the green light for expanding the footfall counting system to other stores across Europe. Initially, 5 stores were selected across Spain, France and Italy. Ted Baker wanted to minimise any disruption that may have been caused – these sites were deemed ideal as they were either newly opened, or scheduled to open in the near future.

The installation and set up of system at these European Sites was carried out my Axiomatic’s engineers and coordinated by Axiomatic’s Installations Department, from our office based in the UK. The project was completed on time and within budget.

We have enjoyed working alongside the talented team at Ted baker, and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.