June 13, 2019

Weekly Focus: South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive

Barnsley Interchange

The South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) is responsible for the co-ordination of public transport in South Yorkshire. Their role is to encourage the maximum use of public transport and to promote growth of the public transport network across their region.

SYPTE required the supply of People Counting Equipment to measure customer traffic across 7 separate locations within South Yorkshire.

Having been proponents of people counting solutions to aid their organisational goals in the past, SYPTE had need to revisit their strategy. This owed largely to their existing equipment being obsolete, no-longer supported, requiring them to visit each device to record count data, and burdening them with questionable count data.

The solution put forward by Axiomatic was based on the Irisys Gazelle DualView™ Thermal People Counter, a highly accurate and reliable overhead counting device that identifies targets by recognising temperature changes as targets pass within the field of view. As the device is mounted above the count zone, this eliminated many of the frustrations SYPTE had with their old beam-based devices.

Immediately after each device is installed, our installations team began to test the accuracy of each device and make any required changes to sensitivity and calibration. This was done by the attending engineers, and further validation was completed by our support desk remotely. Each device was commissioned as accurate within a few days following its installation. A final check of accuracy was carried out before the system was handed over to SYPTE.

All counting devices send count and status data to a central server, which is also made available to Customer Service Managers at each interchange, and through Axiomatic’s PeopleCounted® reporting suite they can  monitor and report on footfall at their respective interchanges.

Automatic data transfer, from highly accurate devices, has allowed SYPTE to make more informed decisions and focus on customer engagements activities.

Despite the challenges each Interchange had to offer, in terms of finding optimal locations for each device and cable routes Axiomatic was able to coordinate with other service providers to deliver the project in advance of the target completion date.

Axiomatic provided end user training on the use of the reporting system and how site teams can assist with the identification of faults. Additional remote training can be provided, if needed, throughout the term of the support agreement.

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