June 20, 2019

Weekly Focus: Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery

RAMM front view

Founded in 1868, the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM) is a museum and art gallery located in Exeter, Devon. The museum is home to over 1 million items.

RAMM has had a people counting system in place with Axiomatic since 2011, when the museum reopened following 4 years of refurbishment works. This initial system encompasssed visitor counting over the whole site, split into 3 zones – giving the management team information of visitor flows and total numbers of visitors over daily, weekly and monthly periods. The technology was quite simple, by the standards of today – in place were early versions of Brickstream video people counters. Although they may be simple, these counters are still in operation today, functioning at over 90% accuracy in normal daily conditions.

In 2017 the team at RAMM got in touch with Axiomatic again, inquiring about an expansion of their system to cover 2 additional gallery zones. The management team wanted more specific insights into how these 2 spaces in particular were being used. The entrance ways to these 2 new spaces were to monitored by the latest brickstream video counters. The work was completed by Axiomatic’s accredited technicians, supported by our installations department back at head office.

During the lifespan of the system, the reporting software has seen both minor and major upgrades. The most significant of which saw the system upgraded from Version 5 to Version 6 of our reporting suite. The upgrade focused on reliability, scalability, and general ease of use.