October 24, 2019

Weekly Focus: Robert Dyas

Robert Dyas Storefront

Robert Dyas is a UK based DIY, Homeware, Garden and electrical retailer. They have upwards of 90 stores located primarily across London and the south of England. 

Robert Dyas already had experience with a people counting system when they approached Axiomatic. They had an existing system in place across their estate of over 90 stores, made up of Brickstream Video people counters.

The problem Robert Dyas had was with their current supplier. They weren’t happy with the service they were receiving. The team at Robert Dyas told how they were disappointed with lack of communication, coupled with long response times.

Robert Dyas wanted to transfer both the software service and support agreement to a new provider.

Axiomatic’s Support Team checked the accuracy of every device in Robert Dyas’ system. Each device was recalibrated, and hardware replaced where necessary. This was done to check existing performance levels, and to maintain consistent accuracy levels going forward.

Axiomatic’s people counting software was installed onto a server, provided by Robert Dyas, and their head office. All devices would feed back their data to this central server so it can be processed and presented to the end user.

The system would provide raw CSV data which is to be imported into Robert Dyas’ own management system.

As part of their initial request, Robert Dyas have opted into a support contract to cover the day to day running and maintenance of their system. As well as ongoing system monitoring to proactively address any issues, should they arise.

Axiomatic look forward to continuing our relationship with the team at Robert Dyas, and are excited to see what the future holds.