September 6, 2019

Weekly Focus: Pavers Shoes

Pavers store front

Founded in 1971, UK comfort shoe retailer Pavers operates over 130 stores across the UK and Ireland.

In late 2017, representatives from Pavers got in touch with Axiomatic to explain a problem they had. They were currently using an automated system to track footfall levels at a number of their stores. Their issue was that this system was underperforming in relation to their expectations.

In this enquiry, Pavers specifically referenced the Brickstream Video People Counter as the technology they preferred.

2 stores were selected for a trail run of the system, using these Brickstream devices.

Discussions were held at boardroom level to determine the success of the trail system. The results were deemed to be positive. The green light was given for Pavers to go ahead, and they requested a quote for an initial 10 stores.

A quote was provided. It contained details for a system using the Brickstream Video technology, as used in the trail system, and for using Irisys Thermal technology. The performance and accuracy of both thermal and video technologies was, in the case of Pavers, very similar.

The team at Pavers wanted to visit Axiomatic in person, at our head office in Nottingham. They wanted to see how we operate on a daily basis, as well as a demonstration of our technology and software, before they committed to purchase.

The meeting was productive (obviously, otherwise this blog post would be pointless), and Pavers placed an order for an initial 10 sites, to use the Irisys Thermal Counters.

In early 2018, Pavers had their own on-site engineers carry out the physical installation of the system, with guidance from Axiomatic’s Support and Installations Department.

Earlier this year (2019), Pavers committed to an expansion of their system, with a roll out of a further 19 sites.

Axiomatic look forward to continuing this journey with Pavers into the future.