April 11, 2019

Weekly Focus: Norfolk County Council

Inside of Millennium Library

Norfolk County Council wanted a better way of managing and scheduling their staff levels across their libraries. A complete people counting system gave them the tools to do just that. 

The vision that Norfolk County Council pitched to Axiomatic back in 2012 was clear. They wanted to be able to track visitor numbers to their libraries, along with timestamps for these visits. They wanted to be able to use this data to definitively identify the most and least busy periods for their sites. From this, they could be more efficient in scheduling staff levels – in that more staff can be scheduled to work during busy periods, and less staff for quieter periods.

Having analysed and discussed each location with Norfolk CC, Axiomatic recommended a combined technology system. For their busiest and largest libraries, we recommended an Irisys thermal counter because of its higher degree of accuracy at tracking multiple people. For less busy sites where accuracy of counting multiple people was not needed – we recommended our cost effective bi-directional beam counter with ethernet connectivity – so Norfolk CC could save spending unnecessarily on sophisticated thermal devices, that would have been overkill for this particular counting environment.

The initial site roll out of around 30 libraries was managed and installed by Axiomatic’s installations team – completed on time and within budget.

Since this initial roll out, Norfolk CC have expanded the system to encompass the 50+ libraries that the system covers today.

Each counter at each library sends its data to be collected on a central server, managed by Norfolk CC. Norfolk CC receive their count data in it’s raw CSV format, to be viewed in Excel or imported into their own management systems.

Norfolk CC entered into an annual support contract with Axiomatic, and so consequently there is regular communication between us regarding the health of the system, and ongoing monitoring and support.

We look forward to continuing our relationship, and are excited to see what the future holds.