August 15, 2019

Weekly Focus: Malin + Goetz

Malin + Goetz store front

New York based apothecary, Malin + Goetz, initially got in contact with Axiomatic to track conversion rates in their stores and to have easy access to footfall data. They wanted the same counting technology as sister company Space NK, who are part of the same group. 

When Malin + Goetz made their initial inquiry they referenced the solution Axiomatic had provided to Space NK, and wanted something similar. To begin, Malin + Goetz wanted coverage of 8 sites in the US. They requested that the system provide them with raw footfall data, so they could import it into their own management systems. They intended to monitor both footfall of their sites, and to be able to accurately calculate and compare conversion rates across different stores.

Following this initial brief, Axiomatic reviewed a series of images of the intended site locations for the counters. We recommend the Irisys Gazelle DualView thermal people counter which was (at the time!) being fitted within Space NK stores in the UK due to its high levels of accuracy and reliability.  The counters also have video capability which facilitates high levels of validation for optimum calibration.  The counters are fitted in the ceiling above the entrance and connected via CAT5/6 cabling to a server on which Axiomatic’s people counting software is installed.

Malin + Goetz used their own technical team to physically install each device in the desired location. They did this in cooperation with Axiomatic’s Support and Installations Department, who provided guidance on best practise and infrastructure requirements.

As requested in their initial inquiry, the system produces raw CSV data to be imported into Malin + Goetz’s own management system. To easily view their footfall data, the management team have access to Axiomatic’s reporting suite, which automatically shows them their daily, weekly and monthly footfall data.

Malin + Goetz take advantage of Axiomatic’s support service. This includes on going system status monitoring and accuracy support, to proactively tackle any issues that may arise with the system, as well as regular system software updates.

Since these first 8 sites in the US, Malin + Goetz have opened stores in the UK, expanding their footfall system along the way. Everyone here at Axiomatic looks forward to working with Malin + Goetz in the future.