May 9, 2019

Weekly Focus: showroom are a high-end homeware and furniture brand based in London, with showrooms across the UK as well as Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Hamburg.

The Brief inquired initially to Axiomatic, regarding the opening of a new showroom in Birmingham. They wanted a customer counting system in place to be ready for it’s opening. disclosed that they already had a footfall counting system in place at their flagship showroom in Soho, London, but it was no longer used. This system consisted of Brickstream Video Counters. explained that their aim was to bring together the people counting service for both sites so that the existing devices in Soho are brought in line with the planned Birmingham system.

The Installation

An Axiomatic engineer visited the Birmingham site the next day, with the purpose of surveying the area and assessing infrastructure – enabling Axiomatic to evidence our recommendation alongside the engineers findings.

The main entrance to be monitored was 10m wide, making it impossible to be covered by the field of view of a single overhead counting device. Because of this, 3 automated counters needed to be installed and “daisy-chained” together. 2 of these extra counters would be connected to the master device, which in turn would be connected to a central network point. This meant very little additional cabling would be needed – and consequently less disruption to’s operations. Axiomatic recommended use of the Irisys thermal people counter, because of it’s unique ability to daisy-chain to cover wide areas. The installation process was managed and installed on behalf of by Axiomatic’s in house installations team – on time and within budget.

Following the installation at their Birmingham showroom, expanded their system to cover their West Yorkshire showroom. The data from all 3 systems is sent back to a server at their head office, in London.

The Data have access to their data and can view it in 2 different ways. Firstly, they have access to our basic reporting package. This allows them to view their daily, weekly and monthly reports on an online dashboard. Secondly, they can access their raw footfall data in CSV format. They then import this into their own management system, allowing them to directly compare it with other areas of their showroom performance. are covered by the support offerings we have here at Axiomatic. This ensures that their system is consistently up to date with software updates and bug fixes, as well as support technicians being on hand to tackle any questions the end user may have. Axiomatic’s support department automatically and remotely monitors the counters at each site on an ongoing basis. This facilitates error trapping and verification, and makes sure that the counters are working correctly.

Here at Axiomatic we enjoyed the challenge posed by the unique project with, and look forward to progressing our strong relationship accordingly.