September 20, 2019

Weekly Focus: Luton Borough Council

Luton Borough Council

Luton Borough Council use overhead video people counters to monitor the use of their office buildings.

Luton Borough Council (LBC) currently have over 40 Brickstream Video People Counters dotted around their office estate. These counters allow them to monitor the use of their office spaces by tracking how many people are entering and exiting.

The system gives LBC important data on the historical footfall of their offices, as well as live information on current occupancy levels within buildings.

This data gives LBC two main benefits:

Firstly, the live occupancy data helps planners to track building use to help with hot-desking and flexible working arrangements. They can view how many people are in a building or zone at any given time. Live data can help direct employees to where buildings are less busy and where desks are available.

Secondly, historical footfall statistics help the planning team forecast future building use. Long term patterns and trends can be analysed to inform future strategic decisions. LBC conducted analysis of this data to inform planned redevelopments and allowed planning teams, at the same time, to rationalise their existing building and space use.

Analysing building use data has allowed LBC to make savings through reducing the amount of wasted space they occupy. They have made gains in streamlining the use of their existing space, and reducing the size of their estate. These have led to significant long-term cost savings.

Axiomatic are delighted with the strong relationship we have forged with LBC, and are thrilled at the real world benefits they have experienced. We look forward to continuing and developing our partnership in the future.