January 29, 2020

Weekly Focus – London Borough of Newham Libraries

Entrance to East Ham LibraryAxiomatic have been providing London Borough of Newham Council with footfall counting solutions since 2008, starting with the installation of simple beam counters which measured footfall trends. Over the years they have seen the value of the data and now have gradually upgraded their system to more sophisticated Irisys thermal people counters to measure footfall across their 13 libraries.

The ability to accurately monitor footfall has provided the council with numerous benefits; not only are they able to measure the usage of the libraries by visitor numbers, but they also have valuable information such as long term historical footfall trends to help forecast building use and therefore make more strategic planning decisions about the estate.

Analysis of historical footfall and occupancy also provides useful intelligence for planning staffing levels, thereby reducing the number of staffed hours when footfall and usage is typically low. This ability led to significant cost savings.

Axiomatic have forged a strong working relationship with the Council and we are delighted at the real world benefits they have experienced.