October 17, 2019

Weekly Focus: Lee Valley VeloPark

Lee Valley VeloPark

Playing host to cycling events at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Lee Valley VeloPark has been open to the public since 2014.

The venue regularly hosts sessions and events for different cycling disciplines. They have facilities for road bikes, mountain bike trails, BMX tracks, and the famous Velodrome. The initial enquiry we received from the Lee Valley team was regarding the Velodrome.

Lee Valley wanted a way to monitor the live occupancy of the velodrome area. They needed a system for major events, during which health and safety regulations permit only certain numbers of people in the track centre at any one time.

They also wanted alerts so stewards and staff members could be notified when capacity was approaching its maximum.

The site consisted of 2 main entrance/exit points that had to be covered by our people counting devices. To assess what kind of solution would work best in the environment, our technical team studied photos of the area as well as site plans.

The recommended technology was thermal. Use of Irisys Thermal People Counters gives organisations an extremely accurate figure – something vital when analysing live occupancy rates. Due to the wide nature of the entrances, multiple devices were required to cover the whole area, so not to miss people walking on the periphery.

The physical installation of the system was carried out by Axiomatic’s trained engineers, with assistance from Lee Valley’s own specialists.

blankOne of the Thermal People Counters we installed at Lee Valley Velodrome, covering the area below.

Axiomatic’s Live Occupancy software has been installed on an on-site server, enabling Lee Valley to view their live data via a web browser with their own login credentials. Lee Valley receive a warning alert on their system when their occupancy reaches a certain level. They receive an additional alert when their occupancy reaches its maximum level. Lee Valley have the flexibility to alter their capacity and alert levels in their system settings, depending on the event.

Everyone involved in this project at Axiomatic enjoyed working with Lee Valley on this exciting and unique opportunity, and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.