September 26, 2019

Weekly Focus: John Hansard Gallery

John Hansard Gallery front

Established in 1979, John Hansard Gallery is an internationally recognised contemporary art gallery in Southampton, UK.

In 2018 the gallery moved into its current premises, named Studio 144. This brand new space is comprised of 2 buildings and is planned to be home to a mix of disciplines – including the gallery, media, film and performing arts.

The team at John hansard wanted to monitor the flow of their visitors into 2 primary areas of their site. The main entrance to the gallery, and the stairway up to the first floor exhibition space.

The gallery team wanted to monitor visitor numbers for evaluation and reporting purposes. The gallery needs to periodically feedback data on their visitor numbers to The Arts Council. This data helps inform the gallery’s funding, so needed to be accurate.

Secondly, John Hansard wanted to track which areas of their site visitors spent the most time in. This data would assist them in planning for future exhibitions, events, and general operations.

A member of our sales team went down to the gallery in Southampton, to perform a site survey. This allowed us to gain a greater understanding of the environment, assisting us with our recommendations.

The technology recommend to John Hansard was the Brickstream Video People Counter. We recommend this, over a thermal counting system, for 2 reasons. Firstly, Brickstream sensors perform better when people loiter within the field of view. Secondly, these counters are not impacted by rapid changes of temperature, so would be suitable for positioning in close proximity to opening doors at the front entrance.

John hansard have opted into an annual rolling support contract with Axiomatic, and so consequently there is regular communication between us regarding the health of the system, and ongoing monitoring and support. Our support team are on hand to proactively tackle any issues, and perform continuous software updates.

We look forward to working with the team at John Hansard Gallery in the future.