March 7, 2019

Weekly Focus: Harveys and Bensons

Harveys and Bensons are one of the UK’s biggest and best known furniture and bed retailers with hundreds of showrooms nationwide.

They were already aware of the benefits and importance of knowing their customer footfall and needed accurate data to measure conversion rates, the success of television marketing campaigns, sales events and trends over time.  They had previously tried out other solutions in a number of stores but they found that these didn’t offer the accuracy and reliability that was needed so a new approach was sought. It needed to be accurate, unobtrusive, automated and within budget.

The specifications of the sites and data requirements were dicussed, leading Axiomatic to recommended the Irisys Gazelle thermal people counter, a device which offers robust performance with excellent accuracy. The intended architecture of the system would be that every site would have a counter at the main entrance, with the data collated centrally at Head Office.

After a 6 week trial, Harveys and Bensons were satisfied that the solution was right for them and gave the go ahead for a whole estate rollout out – across more than 400 stores.

Axiomatic project managed the installation with due consideration for the client’ constraints and dedicated an installation team solely to deliver this project over an agreed number of weeks.

Axiomatic continually monitor the entire Harveys and Bensons system, enabling us to spot disruptions to service caused by connection or network problems, check accuracy and performance.  We keep in contact with store staff to ensure the counters are working optimally and are on hand to answer any questions that management have in relation to their data or counter performance.

Retail Intelligence

Now that Harveys and Bensons have a nationwide footfall counting system, they have data which enables them to generate reports highlighting sites that are performing well and those less so, conversion rates, regional variation in performance, the effects of marketing activities (such as regional TV advertising), sales promotions, annual trends and more.

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