January 20, 2020

Weekly Focus – Dickies

Dickies are a UK based retailer that pride themselves on being the tradesman’s go-to supplier of high-quality workwear.  In 2018 Dickies reached out to Axiomatic to enquire about the possibility of using automated systems to track the footfall of their stores

After discussing their requirements, conducting a site survey and examining site plans, Axiomatic recommended the Irisys Gazelle DualView Thermal Counter with installation by Axiomatic engineers.

A counter was mounted on the ceiling just inside the main entrance, to track customers underneath as they entered and exited the store.  The installations were done outside of working hours to minimise any disruption.

Feedback from Dickies management team indicated that the system as a big success. It had helped them record accurate measures of their customer numbers and allowed management teams to monitor sales conversion rates. They saw this as an opportunity to take their store performance data to the next level and this led to expansion to their other two sites.

Dickies data can be viewed in 2 different ways. Firstly, they have access to our PeopleCounted Core web based reporting package. This allows them to view their daily, weekly and monthly reports on an online dashboard. Secondly, they can access their raw footfall data in CSV format. They then import this into their own management system, allowing them to directly compare it with the other stores.

As with all customers, Axiomatic’s support department actively monitors the performance of the system and provide customer support.

Axiomatic are happy to provide Dickies with a solution that gives them meaningful and powerful data allowing them to push their business and look forward to continuing to do so.