April 25, 2019

Weekly Focus: Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo Main Entrance

Chester Zoo use footfall tracking technology to monitor visitor number across a wide variety of environments. The systems had to be discreet enough to not disturb visitors or animals, yet accurate enough to provide valuable information.

Chester Zoo initially inquired about a 6 week rental system to monitor footfall and visitor numbers to a temporary event. This was a window through which they saw the long term value an Axiomatic footfall tracking system could provide. They purchased the system outright.

Some years later the staff at Chester Zoo got in touch again, wanting to expand the system. The expansion they proposed was to cover a wooden walkway leading to a new visitor area. Critical requirements for the solution were that it had to be suitable for outdoor environments, and be discreet enough to blend in with the rustic theme of the walkway and new visitor area. We recommended they use an Irisys Outdoor Thermal Counter, to give them the most accurate outdoor solution possible. Axiomatic also made arrangements to provide some modifications to camouflage the counter, or to enable the client to cover the counter in a suitable façade.

Following the success of this initial expansion, Chester Zoo opted to expand further in 2018. This time they were wanting to count visitors entering and exiting a greenhouse area. Following analysis of source images of the area provided by Chester Zoo, Axiomatic recommended another outdoor Irisys Thermal Counting device, along with a simple wall mounted break-beam device. 

For the task of installing the different systems, the same process was carried out each time. To take advantage of their knowledge of the site, Chester Zoo were to be responsible for cabling. Once this was in place, Axiomatic’s engineers were deployed to install the counting devices.

Chester Zoo use our basic reporting package, which allows them to easily view their daily, weekly, and monthly footfall figures across all areas of their site. They also have the ability to view their data in Excel. This gives them the flexibility to import the data to their own management systems, and present it as they wish.

Chester Zoo opted into an annual rolling support contract with Axiomatic, and so consequently there is regular communication between us regarding the health of the system, and ongoing monitoring and support. Our support department are on hand to proactively tackle any issues, and perform continuous software updates.

We believe the wide range of environments covered by our systems at Chester Zoo shows how flexible and robust our solutions can be. Chester Zoo are a valued customer, and we look forward to continuing our strong relationship.