April 18, 2019

Weekly Focus: Cadbury World

Cadbury World Entrance

Cadbury World were operating on guesswork and staff estimates to control the flow rate of visitors entering their exhibitions. They needed something more accurate and reliable.

Cadbury World got in touch with Axiomatic to explain their dilemma and to explore possible options. After initial discussions we felt it would be beneficial to conduct a site visit, whereby a member of our team would visit the counting location to better assess the environment.

After the site visit, taking into account the area that Cadbury World wanted to monitor the flow of people through, Axiomatic recommended the Brickstream 3D video counter. This was deemed the optimum solution due to its high levels of accuracy and its ability to distinguish individuals even when people are relatively crowded together and/or stationary.

The way the system was to be set up would be that the Brickstream 3D device would be connected to a server provided by Cadbury World. On this server Axiomatic’s People Counter software would be installed. This software processes the information sent by the counter into meaningful, actionable data that is presented to the end user. This would be displayed on a monitor behind the staff desk at the entrance to the exhibition. When staff identify the amount of footfall traffic passing through has reached a peak, they can stop people entering. At the click of a button they can manually reset the tally to zero to start counting in the next group of visitors. This will allow staff members to respond accurately when the low rate starts to approach the defined limit.

Within the first year of installation, a representative from Axiomatic visited Cadbury World for a follow up meeting. This was to discuss any issues Cadbury World were experiencing, discuss their experiences with the system, and generally to make sure everything was running smoothly. We strive to ensure our customers are able to fully maximise the value their system can provide them.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Cadbury World in the future.