July 11, 2019

Weekly Focus: Bravissimo

Bravissimo Store Front

Bravissimo are a British lingerie and swimwear retailer, with 29 stores across the UK. The management team wanted footfall data to compliment existing store performance metrics, and integrate with their existing systems.

After their initial enquiry, Axiomatic provided information on the range of solutions available for Bravissimo to analyse. Having weighed up the pros and cons of each technology, as well as practical elements like infrastructure requirements, Bravissimo opted for the Brickstream 3D video counter.

Initially Bravissimo installed a trail system consisting of brickstreams at 4 locations. The purpose of the trail was to effectively establish a proof of concept of the system, and to initially look at some of the data provided and the impact it could have.

The trial was judged to be a success. Bravissimo gave the go ahead to roll out the system to the rest of their 27 (at the time) UK sites. The physical installations of the counters, as well as cabling and other infrastructure requirements were carried out by a third party, managed and coordinated by Axiomatic’s installations department.

Each counter was to be mounted on the ceiling just inside each store entrance. The counter could then be connected via CAT5 cable to a switch in the store comms room. When each counter was in place, Axiomatic’s installations department calibrated each counter to ensure it was up and running as it should be.

Bravissimo’s initial enquiry stated that they wanted their footfall data to be accessible within their existing sales performance system. This was not a problem for Axiomatic, the raw count data gathered by the counters could easily be fed into Bravissimo’s systems. This allowed the Bravissimo management team to have all their performance data in one place, enabling them to study the impact footfall had on other store performance metrics.

Since the system has been in place, Bravissimo have opened 2 more stores in the UK – both of which have been incorporated into the existing people counting system. Further afield however, Bravissimo have opened their first US store in New York. Again, Bravissimo have a people counter in place at this new site – expanding the system with each new store opening.

Axiomatic are pleased to have worked alongside Bravissimo as their organisation has expanded, and look forward to continuing this journey in the future.