June 27, 2019

Weekly Focus: BBC Worldwide

BBC television centre

The BBC has a system monitoring the live occupancy levels of 2 areas within their world famous television centre. The building as a whole, and an open terrace area on the roof of the building. 

The world renowned BBC initially got in touch with Axiomatic to measure and track the live occupancy of a roof terrace area, at their famous television centre in London. After initial conversations with our sales team assessing their requirements and specifications, the BBC project team sent over images of the area. This allowed our team at Axiomatic to provide greater detail in our proposal, and be more confident in the system and technology we would recommend. The terrace had 2 primary entrances consisting of standard double doors.

Having reviewed BBC’s specification, we recommended the Irisys Gazelle DualView thermal people counter, mounted on the ceiling above the entrances. These thermal counters would not be affected by any reflections or changes in sunlight caused by the opening doors. The counters are connected via CAT5 cabling to a server on which our people counting software is installed. The software then produces both live occupancy data – which is displayed on the server – as well as historical footfall presented in spreadsheets. The live display can be shown on a screen on the same network as the server and alerts can be set up to warn if occupancy reaches certain levels.

The team at the BBC were pleased with the system and with the fluency of installation and set up. 3 months later they expressed a desire to expand the system to cover the main entrance of the building. Again they wanted live occupancy figures, but this time for the building as a whole. The main entrance consists of 2 glass turnstiles. Our installations manager visited the site to perform a survey of the environment.  After reviewing his feedback, we recommended a single overhead counter to be placed above each turnstile, to record people passing underneath. This time, we recommended the use of Brickstream video people counters.

The system would be set up the same as that on the roof terrace. The counters connected to a central server with our reporting software on it. The end user can access the live and historical data via this server. Alerts can be set up if occupancy reaches certain thresholds.

We enjoyed working with the talented team at BBC worldwide, and the challenge these 2 unique locations provided. We look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.