September 13, 2018

The Importance of accurate people counting, and rigorous quality control.

Assuring customers that the data they’re getting is reliable and trustworthy

Councils, public libraries, museums, visitor centres, leisure centres and gyms. All these types of locations rely on visitor numbers as evidence that they should be eligible for a set amount of funding. Having a way of monitoring your visitor numbers with automated people counters is the best way to keep track of your visitor numbers, and provide the relevant bodies with accurate data.

That is providing the system itself is accurate, however.

The National Gallery in London experienced this, when the system they were provided miss-counted the museum’s visitor numbers by close to half a million people. (Links to the relevant articles can be found below).

The consequences of such an error, as detailed in the articles, were primarily concerns from the government that the museum was not getting enough visitors to justify current levels of funding. In addition, the gallery had to deal with negative publicity after reporting the dramatic drop in visitors, at a time when declining visitor numbers were becoming more apparent across the UK’s biggest museums.

Here at Axiomatic, we strive to provide the best service throughout the purchase process – right through to our after sales care and support. We operate thorough procedures to check the quality of installation and accuracy of each counter installed. We operate manual video validations on our overhead counters, to check what the counter is seeing, and whether it is counting people in the areas we want it to. We then are transparent with the figures, indicating to the end user the difference in manual counts and what the counter is counting.  The usual accuracy of our overhead counters is over 95%.

This is what just a few of our customers had to say about our installations and support service:

“The support from Axiomatic has been of the highest order – with someone always available to talk through any individual store issues that might arise – as well as the initial configuration and set-up of the counters in-store.” – Blacks Leisure Group PLC.

“The backup and technical support from Axiomatic is fantastic, they couldn’t be more helpful. Any small minor issues with our IT system have been quickly rectified and repaired.”Middlesbrough Council Property Service.

“We were very impressed with the installation process and by how smoothly the solution was rolled out, particularly for the size of the project.”Topps Tiles.

To read what more customers said about us, visit the Our Customers page on our website.

Links to the articles discussing The National Portrait Gallery’s issues can be found here: