May 15, 2019

The Heart of Axiomatic – Flexibility

Many organisations offering their services tend to offer a range of solutions to try to cover a wide variety of customer needs. In many cases, they will offer a certain number of defined solutions or packages, with set prices, and it’s up to the customer or client to ultimately decide which is best for them. This tends to be the case even though it is likely any chosen package won’t completely provide the customer with what they want, or will have drawbacks or additional services the customer doesn’t really need – and will consequently end up overpaying for.

At Axiomatic, we do things differently.

We were impressed with what you offered, your flexibility to suit our needsChris Hutchinson, Crooked Spire Church, Chesterfield

We have a wide variety of hardware and software footfall solutions available. However, rather than have set packages that customers have to suit – we put the emphasis on us to provide flexible people counting solutions for the customer.

Each customer enquiry we treat as a clean slate – to see what’s possible. We assess requirements, environments and KPI’s, then work alongside the customer to specifically tailor our range of solutions to something that gives them maximum satisfaction and value.

Rather than starting with our own solutions, we start with the customer. 

We chose Axiomatic Technology as they offered to provide us a solution which would meet OUR requirements as opposed to our organisation having to accept what was offeredMark Gibson, Head of Customer Experience at Sterling Furniture Ltd.

Very few of our customers have the exact same people counting solution. This, we believe, is testament to how things work in the real world – there is no “one size fits all” solution. Each customer is unique, so each people counting solution must also be unique.

Throughout each project we emphasise transparency with customers, as we filter out what will and won’t work. We’re confident that between the range of automated counters we offer, we’re able to find a combination to suit almost any environment.

We’re proud of the sheer variety of customers we have worked with, in locations ranging from underground cave systems to well known national retailers.

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