July 23, 2019

Staff and Employee Filtering

Alongside the release of the latest generation of people counting hardware, the ability to filter out employee and staff movements has become a reality.

For years now within the people counting and footfall counting industry, companies have been trying to come up with solutions to identifying and recording the movements of employees. And for years now solutions have been bulky, over complicated and unreliable. That is – until now.

So what is it exactly?

The new Vector 4D Time of Flight people counter from Irisys allows users to filter employees out of any count data. In other words it can record and track employees and members of the public separately. The solution is simple, cost effective and easy to set up.

How does it work?

Briefly, the Vector 4D counters work using Time of Flight Technology. This means that the counters use pulses of infrared light to put together accurate distance maps of the counting area below the device. Employees are provided with lanyards made out of a specially designed reflective material. This material reflects the infrared light emitted by the counters in a certain way, allowing the counters to detect it. When worn around the neck of employees, these lanyards can be identified by the Vector counters. This then means that whenever the counter sees a person wearing a reflective lanyard, it can automatically count them as a member of staff.

The staff counting feature can easily be enabled/disabled in the counter configuration settings.

Employee Counting Birds-Eye-View

Why is this news?

Well simply because this is the first time staff counting technology has been accessible and convenient. It has been done before, but often has required beacons, batteries, RF tags or other complicated elements. The benefits of a lanyard are its simplicity and discreteness, which also allow it be be much more cost effective than other staff counting solutions.

Why is counting employees important?

  • Organisations like retailers, galleries and visitor centres can make use of this functionality and the data it provides – giving them information on staff and customer interactions.
  • It allows users to assess whether their staff levels suitably match changing levels of footfall throughout the day/week.
  • It allows for more accurate data, especially when analysing conversion rates, as only potential customers are counted. Especially prevalent in low traffic environments where staff movements would distort any data.
  • You can measure customer and staff interactions.
  • Stores can set automated alerts if a customer is waiting, so staff can attend.
  • Door staff and security workers can be excluded, if they are going in and out regularly.


If you have an environment in which any of the above insights are relevant, get in touch today to see how we can help!