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Weekly Focus: Lyle and Scott

Scottish knitwear brand Lyle and Scott saw the value of expanding their footfall tracking system, after having one in place for a year at their flagship Edinburgh store.

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Weekly Focus: Bristol Cathedral

“Our footfall is much higher than we anticipated – in excess of 250-300,000 annually which is twice our previous estimates. The new data will inform our thinking about how we improve the visitor experience”

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Weekly Focus:

London based high-end homeware and furniture brand,, initially inquired about a footfall system for the opening of a new showroom in Birmingham. However, there was more to this project than first met the eye:

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Weekly Focus: Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo use footfall tracking technology to monitor visitor number across a wide variety of environments. The systems had to be discreet enough to not disturb visitors or animals, yet accurate enough to provide valuable information.

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Weekly Focus: Cadbury World

Cadbury World were operating on guesswork and staff estimates to control the flow rate of visitors entering their exhibitions. They needed something more accurate and reliable.

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Weekly Focus: The Barbican Centre

Representatives from the world renowned Barbican got in touch with Axiomatic having had no prior experience with an automated people counting system. None the less they understood the value that one could provide.

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Weekly Focus: White Stuff

White stuff had been using a footfall monitoring system prior to contacting Axiomatic. They recognised however, that their system was out of date and if they wanted to make the most of the data they could be getting, steps forward were needed.

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Weekly Focus: Space NK

Space NK had already been using a footfall monitoring solution when they approached Axiomatic, but considered their current methods complex and expensive.

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Weekly Focus: Harveys and Bensons

Harveys and Bensons had previously tried out a number of other people counting solutions, but they found that these didn’t offer the accuracy and reliability that was needed, so a new approach was sought. It needed to be accurate, unobtrusive, automated and within budget.

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Weekly Focus: Topps Tiles

Topps had recognised the benefits of monitoring customer numbers against sales and marketing data, and had spent time researching and trialling a number of different solutions. Axiomatic were able to provide them with exactly what they were looking for.

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HESPA 2019 Annual Conference

On the 7-8th February 2019, Axiomatic will be joining other leading industry specialists exhibiting at the Higher Education Strategic Planners Association Annual Conference. The conference is set to take place over 2 days in the East Midlands Conference Centre, at The University of Nottingham.

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Hucknall Warriors FC – Spring Season Updates

Continuing on from our coverage of the 2018 Winter Season, and following on our shirt sponsorship deal, Axiomatic will be providing results and match reports for the Spring Season at the start of 2019. After narrowly missing out on the promotions places last season, the lads will be aiming for one better this time around.

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Axiomatic’s 2018 Year in Review

As 2018 draws to a close, everyone at Axiomatic would like to thank all of our Customers, Suppliers, and Partner Organisations for their contributions towards helping us continue to grow, develop, and prosper. Here, we shall take a quick look back at some key moments over the year, and cast our attention towards what lies ahead for 2019…

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