July 16, 2018

Installations Manager Derrick Williams Celebrates 10 Years With Axiomatic

Congratulations are in order here at Axiomatic – our Installations Manager Derrick Williams celebrates 10 years with us this month. To commemorate the occasion, we sat down with Derrick to reflect on what’s changed since he joined our team.

How have things changed since you first started with Axiomatic?

When I first came to Axiomatic, footfall was very much a side project as the company focus was on automated motion control. At the time, our range of counters was pretty limited as we just had very simple beam counters. The initial overhead/ceiling mounted counters we deployed were of a basic type, typical of the market for the day. Gradually over time, footfall became more and more important and the company has grown with it.

What was your first major project?

The first big project I was involved in was Wembley Stadium, so pretty big! We looked after the live occupancy monitoring for a number of high profile concerts. This involved working in the site Event Control Room, reporting to the Health and Safety Officer. It was intense but really interesting.

What developments have you seen in your time at the company?

When I started we mainly had beam counters but later on came the introduction of overhead IP counters as we forged partnerships with Irisys and Brickstream. This represented a great leap forward in the technology and we were able to deliver much more complex and reliable systems that we could monitor remotely.

At the start, I was responsible for carrying out the installations, but as the company has expanded, we have taken on a team of engineers to carry out installations which is great.

The other main development for me was that I now have two lovely children!

How many installations do you think you’ve overseen?

It’s got to be well over 10,000, especially when we have delivered big rollouts with national retailers, and it keeps going up.

What is the most unusual place you have installed a counter?

We have provided systems for a huge variety of customers and environments, from caves, live festivals (in the UK and abroad), casinos, the Olympic Velodrome, zoos, ice rinks, museums, galleries, stadiums and airports as well as retail, universities and offices. We have learned to be pretty adaptable!

What is the best thing about working at Axiomatic?

There is a real team spirit here and everyone is so invested in what we do. There is a lot of variety and I enjoy the challenge of thinking laterally to come up with the best solutions for customers.

Congratulations Derrick – here’s to the next 10 years! We’re excited to see what the future holds!