February 5, 2020

Brickstream Now Offers New Employee Filtering Feature

With the release of the latest generation of Brickstream’s people counting hardware, the ability to filter out employee and staff movements is now possible.

For years now within the people counting and footfall counting industry, companies have been trying to come up with solutions to identifying and recording the movements of employees.

This kind of intelligence allows for more accurate data, especially when analysing conversion rates, as only potential customers are counted.  This is especially useful in low traffic environments where staff movements would distort any data or locations where staff enter and leave enter and leave a building regurlary, such as a car sales people accompanying customers onto the sales area.

Staff carry a small electronic tag or card which enables the Brickstream counting device mounted at the entrance to detect and discount them from the footfall data.  This means organisations are focusing more accurately on their customer footfall and can determine their conversion rates far more reliably than ever before.

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