December 1, 2016

APPA Conference in Nashville a Huge Success for Axiomatic

Axiomatic have returned from a very successful few days in Nashville, USA having attended the APPA conference in conjuction with our partners TPS and Irisys.  The conference brings together more than 500 facilities officers, directors and managers from educational organisations from worldwide to discuss University Estate management, the challenges it poses and innovative solutions.

Axiomatic, TPS and Irisys were there to showcase our Space Auditing Technology which aims to accurately monitor how a University is using its space, where savings can be made and to inform development. We also demonstrated the OTOVAC (Occupancy and Timetable Optimised HVAC) which aims to improve energy efficiency by linking the occupancy monitoring with the heating and air-conditioning systems to reduce wastage.

There was a huge amount of interest shown in our innovative products and being able to visit Nashville was an added bonus!