June 2008

Software Developments

In 2008, the company started an ambitious project to create a market-leading database product to make count data available with detailed reporting on a website. This would set the precedent of the future direction for the company, as well as the basis for future, more advanced, reporting software.

2008 also saw Axiomatic taking on the project to monitor live footfall and pitch occupancy at Wembley Stadium:

“This is an invaluable and unique system which has enabled decisions about crowd management to be based on real-time factual information rather than observation and theory. Some of the events we are staging this year would be extremely difficult to manage without this technology.”

Nick Woodhouse – Head of Wembley Stadium Health & Safety Compliance

Initially we worked with Wembley Stadium to install Irisys Thermal Counters. The thinking behind this being that at the time, they were our most sophisticated and reliable counter. However, it became apparent there were various inaccuracies as more data was gathered.

It was found that these were due to the changing temperature of the tarmac floor surface throughout the day, confusing the counters. To solve this issue, we decided it was best to switch to using our new partner Brickstream, and their video counters. This would eliminate the problem as temperature is not a factor in their accuracy. The partnership between Axiomatic and Wembley Stadium would flourish for over 6 years.