About Axiomatic

Axiomatic has helped to transform the way organisations gather data and make strategic decisions

Our strong academic links mean we’ll always be among the first to bring the latest innovations to market in the fields of thermal, video, infrared beam counters and software-based people counting, desk monitoring and space management.

Our technical team includes both software and hardware experts, so we can assess your needs and recommend the best solution for you.

We believe our success depends on putting you first

We design each solution around your requirements provide on-going personal customer support and technical consultancy.

Having built strong partnerships with a network of industry experts and specialist manufacturers we make sure we can bring the right expertise to every situation. It might be measuring footfall and pedestrian flows, customer counting, space management, desk counting and utilisaton, occupancy density or any of the areas in which people counting is transforming approaches to business.

We ensure we operate in the right way

Our equal opportunity policy is designed to give the best deal for our staff and everyone we work with. We’re committed to preserving the environment through reducing, re-cycling and re-using. We take every opportunity to conserve energy and use remote access or public transport wherever possible without compromising our customers. We comply with the WEEE 2006 regulations for waste equipment (number WEE/CG1113VT).

Our engineers are fully trained in health & safety and working at heights. We produce a health and safety assessment and schedule of work for all site installation visits.

As well as working directly with customers, we have a range of people counting partners and distributors worldwide. We’re always keen to hear from companies interested in collaborative or OEM agreements. Contact us to find out more about this or any of our services.


Axiomatic Technology Ltd, Company Number: 2955555